Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Solo for Dolo and Rob A Reviews

I have two new reviews up on RapReviews.com. First of all is Solo for Dolo, a New Jersey MC who just released his first album, The Truth For the Youth. My review is here. And here's a video for "You Can't Say This On A Demo Tape":

You Can't Say This on Demo Tapes from Solo For Dolo on Vimeo.

The other album I reviewed is Rob A's The New Mortal Sin.
It's a throwback in someways, with Rob A rocking old school beats on his SP 1200, and offering battle rhymes ala Guru or Rakim. I liked it, especially tracks like "City of God" and "She's Still Got Dimples," which features an MF DOOM beat and DOOM and Rob A trading lines about the domestic violence.

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