Friday, October 26, 2012

Tricky and Flying Lotus Review

I reviewed Tricky's 1996 album  Pre-Millennium Tension for RapReviews last week. It remains one of my favorite albums ever, even if the second half drags.

I also reviewed Flying Lotus's Until the Quiet Comes. I always enjoy what Flying Lotus puts down.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Death Grips and Zion I Review

I reviewed Death Grips' latest album No Love Deep Web on RapReviews a few weeks ago. This album was released as a free download after their label said they didn't want to release two albums by them in one year. You can download it for free at their website,, but be warned: the cover of the album is  a photo of an erect penis with the album title written on it in sharpie. I replaced the picture with one of John Travolta on my iTunes. I don't need to be having pornographic images on my iPod.

I may like the new album better than The Money Store. It's the same thing - jagged electronic beats with Ride rap/yelling about getting wasted. The formula could go so wrong so easily - it's not that far removed from Limp Bizkit. But there is a realness and a sense of actual danger in their music that makes it work. It's not something I can listen to all the time, but there are definitely days when what I need is something noisy and angry.

I also reviewed Oakland hip-hop act Zion I's new album Shadowboxing While it's the same formula of a lot of hip-hop I've been enjoying recently - rapping over electronic production - I was not feeling it. I wanted to like it because they are local boys, but I did not enjoy it.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Wretch 32 Review

I reviewed British rapper Wretch 32's Wretchersize last week on RapReviews.  My favorite track was opener "Hold Me Back," which features Wretch rhyming over an Evian Christ song. Evian Christ has a free mixtape which I've been enjoying. I love the combination of Southern rap and electronic music. There's always been an avant-garde element to Southern hip-hop production, and it's nice to hear artists from outside that world mess with the template.

I've also been working on reviews for the new Death Grips and Roots Manuva's debut. I'm trying to get through the new Grizzly Bear, but so far haven't had the time or gumption. I've also been listening to Flying Lotus's new one, which is amazing as always.

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