Friday, March 15, 2013

Pusha T Review/What I've Been Listening To

I reviewed Pusha T's new mixtape on RapReviews this week. 

I've also been digging Grimes' 2012 album Visions, which I was late to. It's sort of Goth dance music. 

I'm trying to get into the new Thao and the Get Down Stay Down album, which came out on my daughter's birthday, but so far it hasn't grabbed me. I loved their last album, and I want to be Thao's friend, but I just haven't gotten into this one yet. 

I've also been listening to the Lion's album. It's guys from Hepcat hooking up with OG reggae musicians to make OG reggae music. Sort of what the Daptones did for R&B. pretty good stuff. 

I'm also trying to digest the Heliocentrics new one, which is no easy task.

I also bought the two English Beat albums I didn't own, Just Can't Stop It and Special Beat Service. Both albums totally hold up, by the way, even though they are thirty years old. 

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