Saturday, October 20, 2012

Death Grips and Zion I Review

I reviewed Death Grips' latest album No Love Deep Web on RapReviews a few weeks ago. This album was released as a free download after their label said they didn't want to release two albums by them in one year. You can download it for free at their website,, but be warned: the cover of the album is  a photo of an erect penis with the album title written on it in sharpie. I replaced the picture with one of John Travolta on my iTunes. I don't need to be having pornographic images on my iPod.

I may like the new album better than The Money Store. It's the same thing - jagged electronic beats with Ride rap/yelling about getting wasted. The formula could go so wrong so easily - it's not that far removed from Limp Bizkit. But there is a realness and a sense of actual danger in their music that makes it work. It's not something I can listen to all the time, but there are definitely days when what I need is something noisy and angry.

I also reviewed Oakland hip-hop act Zion I's new album Shadowboxing While it's the same formula of a lot of hip-hop I've been enjoying recently - rapping over electronic production - I was not feeling it. I wanted to like it because they are local boys, but I did not enjoy it.

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