Thursday, May 14, 2009


Motorhead are awesome. Formed in late 80s, they took the speed and ferocity of hardcore punk (even covering "God Save the Queen") and mixed it with the chunky riffs of metal. As a result, everyone loves Motorhead. Metalheads love 'em, punks love 'em, and bikers love 'em. Frontman Lemmy Klimster is a hero to pock-faced youth the world over, because he's proof that you don't have to be handsome to get chicks. Although an old roommate of mine (who was friends with Soleil Moon-Frye) had some story about Lemmy hitting women with nylons filled with feces. I'm pretty sure I'm getting it wrong, and it was probably bullshit to begin with, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Mr. Klimster wasn't the most romantic guy on earth. He also collects Nazi paraphenelia, which is extremeley creepy. I love interviews with him, though. He always comes off as intelligent and self-depricating.

Like many great metal bands, Motorhead basically keep recording different versions of the same song. As AC/DC, that song is thankfully awesome. Like "Ace of Spades," here live on the Young Ones:

My personal favorite song is the more melodic "Love Me Like A Reptile."

Motorhead aren't known for their deep, sophisticated lyrics. They go more for "Orgasmatron."All they really exist to do is rock. And provide Lemmy with the income to buy more confederate/nazi gear, and keep on poisoning his body with drugs and alcohol.

Their wikipedia entry says that they were listed as 26 on VH1's list of 100 greatest hard rock bands of all time. They are ranked below Cheap Trick, the Clash and Pink Floyd, who aren't hard rock, and Kiss. Kiss!! It's a goddamn travesty. They got robbed.By VH1. I'm sure Lemmy cried softly in his Jaegermeister.

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