Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iron Maiden

"The Number of the Beast" from Bruce Dickinson's last show with them before he quit in 1993. My question is...are they all playing the same song? Because they don't move like it. I'm pretty sure the bassist is playing a different song. Although he is lipsynching all the words, isn't he. Also, Bruce just seems kind of tired and bored with himself. And doubling as a bouncer.

My favorite Maiden song, besides "Number of the Beast," is "Sun and Steel" off of Piece of Mind. It's melodic, it's hooky, and it's goofy as hell. As is this computer animated video:

God I love Iron Maiden. They make me feel like I'm 14. Upper Playground has a t-shirt with their walrus mascot as the Piece of Mind cover. It's pretty awesome. They also have a shirt that riffs on Judas Priest, who are almost as amazing as Iron Maiden. Priest may not be as good musically, but they win points because Rob Halford is so amazingly, totally, wonderfully gay.

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