Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Return of Doom

Daniel Dumille aka Zev Luv X aka MF Doom aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah is finally releasing a new album. After a very prolific period early this decade, he has been AWOL since 2006, except for a few tracks that have been on comps. He was supposed to do a second Madvillain record, and that never happened, so Madlib put out Madvillain 2 as a bunch of remixes; he had a collab with Ghostface Killah that never materialized; there are rumors that stand-ins have been donning the mask in concert.

His new album is titled Born Like This, and it is due March 24. It seems like he is handling most of the production, which is fine by me since I like his work on the boards. It's like hip hop meets 70s AM radio. He even samples Michael McDonald on a track. He also changed his name to DOOM, rather than MF DOOM.

It's funny that he is coming out with something now since I've been revisiting his stuff recently. I've been listening to John Robinson's Who Is This Man?, which is exclusively produced by DOOM. I also finally downloaded the King Geedorah album, which is pretty awesome, as well as his Live From Planet X album, which would be great if it weren't all one 40-minute track. I've also been listening to the first Madvillain album, which is brilliant. Seriously. You need to own it.

Curls - Madvillain

"Growing up too fast/showing up to class with Moet in a flask...If you want a sip go get a paper water glass/How am I sposta know where your mouth been last?"


His first album, Operation: Doomsday was recently reissued on DOOM's Metal Face Records. Here's "Dead Bent":

Dead Bent - MF Doom

My favorite DOOM beat is "9 Milli Bros." on Ghostface Killah's Fishscale. It's one of the best Wu-Tang songs ever.

9 Milli Bros. (Feat. Wu-Tang Clan) - Ghostface Killah

You can hear some new tracks on his myspace page.

And here's a link to a video for KMD's "Who Me?" which features DOOM as a young, thin, maskless Zev Luv X.

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