Thursday, February 12, 2009

In Grind We Crust

That was the slogan on the second side of Hiatus's "Way Of Doom" EP, which I just downloaded onto my girlfriend's computer. They were a Belgian crust band active in the nineties. The lead singer went on to form Skew-wiff, whom I saw at a squat in Italy. Here's my favorite song off of the seven inch:

Inertia - Hiatus

They are kind of Sabbath meets punk, with the Cookie Monster on vocals. Great in small doses, which is what they delivered - the 7" EP, and then a self-titled 12".

Speaking of Crust bands I saw at squats in Italy, here's a video of the Cripple Bastards playing "Italia Di Merda" at Leoncavallo.

Now I'm gonna go book a room at a hotel in Firenze for Aprile. And you're not.

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