Thursday, August 07, 2008

Torche Are Heavy and Awesome

I don’t listen to it a lot, but sometimes i fuckin’ love me some heavy metal. I’m talking about big, evil, thick-ass riffs, backed by catchy melodies and lyrics about wacky bullshit. I’m talking Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Motorhead, and now Torchehe. Torche are a bunch of alt-headbangers out of Hotlanta. They do heavy, melodic metal, the kind that makes you wanna bang your head and sing along. I downloaded their 2005 self-titled debut on emusic, and it has been making my morning commute a much better experience. They aren’t so much about angst or hating the world. It’s more about smoking a lot of pot, listening to classic rock, and, I dunno, playing D&D or something. I love it. They have just released a second album, the amazingly titled “Meanderthal,” which is getting good reviews. Rock on.

Check them out at

Holy Roar - Torche

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