Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Audible Landscapes

Audible Landscapes
Crime Scenes: Volume 1

Audible Landscapes do instrumental hip hop. The concept behind this album is that it is intended to be used as soundtracks to as-yet-unmade films. It is certainly atmospheric. I'm not sure I quite understand why so many instrumental hip hop albums are so damn mellow and introspective, but mabye i'm just a philistine who doesn't appreciate challenging music. I wasn't that blown away by Mingus' Black Saint and the Sinner Woman either. I did appreciate the album design and artwork, and I really appreciated that they actually sent it to me. Too many promo albums don't bother with artwork, which is a bummer.

My brief review is at RapReviews here.

You can sample the album here.

Also, they are from Long Beach, which wins them points in my book. It's wierd that this music is so creepy and moody. From my two trips to Long Beach, it seems like a nice little seaside town.

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Audible Landscapes said...

Thanks for reviewing the CD. Maybe it wasn't really your style, but it's all good. It was a pretty valid review.

Also, Crime Scenes volume one is now available at iTunes.

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