Saturday, August 09, 2008

A to tha Muthafuckin' Zis

Azis is a flamboyantly gay, transvestite gypsy singer that is huge in Bulgaria. This makes perfect sense given how homophobic and racist Bulgaria is. He warbles, he roles around with sweaty men in his videos, he belly dances, he's fucking awesome. He sings chalga, the perjorative term for pop folk in Bulgaria. When I first got there in 2003, I thought that chalga was the worst music ever, but then I learned to accept it. Especially when I realized that all chalga singers were hot, scantily dressed women without last names, like Gergana and Malina and Maria and Maya. And then there is Azis, a scantilly dressed man. Awesome.

obicham te - Azis

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Mr. T said...

This photo still totally creeps me out. I'm at a loss to figure out who thought that a sweaty naked guy in hay with make up on was sexy.

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