Friday, August 10, 2007

September 11 – A Day That Will Live In Infamy

No, not because of the anniversary of the attacks on that date six years ago, nor the how our country and world has devolved since then, but because on 9/11/07, Kanye West AND 50 Cent will release their latest masterpieces on the public. I will admit to owning both artists’ debut album, and I will also admit to liking several tracks on both albums. However, I am so fucking sick of these two egomaniacal bastards that the idea of having to deal with both of their PR blitzes at once is nauseating.

50 has already said he’d quit making albums if Kanye outsold him. Please?
For Christmas I hope that 50 gets a therapist, and learns how to sell records without having beef with anyone who might possibly be able to get him some press time, and for Kanye, I wish humility. Just a little humility. Honestly, he isn’t a great rapper, and his production trick of speeding up soul samples is played the fuck out.

Whatever – I’ll be too busy listening to the latest Madlib record to care. I never heard a SINGLE track off of either the Massacre or Late Registration, so I’m hoping to continue that trend with the Curtis and Graduation Day.

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