Thursday, August 30, 2007

Madlib - Beat Konducta in India

Madlib is back on the scene as the Beatkonducta, this time giving us 34 more tracks all inspired by and sampling Indian music. It makes sense that he is reaching out internationally – I’m pretty sure he already owns every jazz and funk record ever made.

I love everything Madlib does because he loves music, and even when it doesn’t quite work his stuff is worth checking out. I like this CD, but not as much as I liked the last Beatkonducta disc. I have the same complaints I had with the last one – the tracks are too short (never more than 2 minutes), you never can get into a groove, and it’s geared more towards trippyness and experimentation than head-bobbing. What this disc is missing is FUNK. By sampling so much Indian stuff, Madlib sacrifices the groove. I liked a lot of the tracks on here, but 34 tracks of Indian music may be a little too much.

But whatever. It’s madlib, it’s out there, it’s worth owning.

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