Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The best album of the year (so far), and it’s free!

I’ve been getting a ton of stuff to review, and I’ve bought a handful of new CD’s, but the disc I keep listening to over and over again I downloaded for free. It’s Wale’s (prounounced Wa-LAY) “100 Miles and Running” mixtape. Download it off of his myspace page here:


Wale has some wicked lyrics, and is a little like a less Muslim Lupe Fiasco. The thing I love about this mixtape is it is able to borrow beats and use breaks that you could never get the rights to – like “Work” which features the classic “Apache” break mixed with the Beatles’ “Hey Mr. Bulldog”. He also raps over tracks by Justice, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, James Brown, and Gorillaz. The whole thing has a brilliant old school flavor to it, with Wale dropping some great lines. Good stuff.


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