Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Last Good Sleep" by Company Flow, from their out of print 1997 CD "Funcrusher Plus"

AKA my new favorite song

"Last Good Sleep is a brooding, sad song in which MC El-P rhymes about his abusive step father, and describes a particularly horrible incident. Over a slow, gloomy beat, El-P describes his own ignorance to the situation, and ponders what he should have done.

"At night I cover my ears in tears
The man downstairs must have had too many beers"

The song reaches its climax around the four minute mark, when El-P describes the incident:

So I sunk with the hope that hibernation would cure me
And slept my last sleep while I counted clone sheep
And dreamt about nothing for the last time ever
The ignorance was blissful just a recollection
Of the gift of innocent times from a merciful deception
Woke to hazy landscapes to find my world defied the laws my mind mandates
Patching jugulars with Band-aids
The turn on you laid well above my bed
Were here and only barely through the shock of what her broken face told me"

His conscious chimes in:

"(You should have known what happened)
I was young and oblivous
(He almost killed your mom)
If I knew I could have done something
(You'll never see him again)
Yeah but I see him every night
And cover my ears in tears as he beats his fucking wife"

It is an intense, emotional song that perfectly captures the trauma of domestic abuse, and the powerlessness and guilt that he must have felt for not being able to stop it. It's no the kind of thing you expect from hip hop or pop music in general. It's also horribly depressing, and is one of those songs that can bring you to tears. Goddamn.

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