Saturday, June 30, 2007

I was accepted as a reviewer for, and I've turned in my first review, which may get posted next week. It was of a self-produced album by the New Life Ryders, a crew out of Wichita Kansas who do the kind of low-budget, ultra-dramatic and cliched street rap that i am really not into. I'm currently working on a right up of Troy Hudson (#16 of the Minnesota Timberwolves) rap record, which has pretty remarkable beats.

It's fun actually getting new discs in the mail, and having to put a little more care into my write-ups than i do here. It does mean that i will be listening to a lot of mediocre shit, but then i get to hear some genius stuff i would have never come across, so it works out.

i'm not sure how often i'll update this site, since most of my writing time is gonna be deveoted to rapreviews...but we'll see.


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