Monday, June 18, 2007

Punk Planet is No More

Yet another indie mag goes under, as Punk Planet announced today that it’s next issue will be it’s last, after 80 issues and 13 years. An email sent to subscribers listed decreasing ad revenues, decreasing subscriber base, and a shitty distribution deal.

I am really saddened by this news, but not surprised. The magazine has been very public about its financial drama over the past two years, and they aren’t the only indie mag to go under recently. Part of it has to do with declining interest in indie records, who were the mags biggest advertisers. People aren’t buying records, so they don’t advertise them, so the magazines that write about them can’t exist. Maybe this is just an example of natural selection – print media doesn’t make as much economic or environmental sense any more, so like the dinosaurs it is going extinct. Even Maxim has taken a hit in recent years.

Their website/forum will stay up (, and I think they will still be publishing books, which is good. I truly hope that the people writing for them find other gigs (or start another zine). PP had some really great writing, and their focus was much wider than just punk music. They wrote about politics, design, art, and indy media. It wasn’t just ranting, or interviews, or glorified pr pieces of friends’ bands. They also were a little more grounded politically than some punk zines, so they weren’t just off on “FUK Big Brother – Bush is a dick!” diatribes.

It sucks, though. I guess there is still the interweb, but you can’t read blogs while you are eating breakfast or on the john.

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