Saturday, February 24, 2007


So i think i have a crush on jenny lewis. i think her music is really neat, and plus i read this spin interview where she talked about all the hip hop records she liked. That pretty much makes her perfrect for me. only i don't know if i'd want to date a musician.

Um, i mean i think her music is neat. And she is pretty, but not as pretty as my girlfriend. Plus, i'd never date anyone who was in the goonies. no way.

seriously though, her solo album, rabbit fur coat, is damn good despite what those bitchass snobs at pitchfork said. it's pretty, and catchy, and has lyrics like "it wasn't pretty, but she was (not your wife)". and that gimmicky super-indie rendition of the traveling wilbury's "handle with care" is pretty fucking awesome.

Jenny lewis. hot stuff.

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