Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Deerhoof Are Weird

I first saw Deerhoof in 2002 or 2003. They were playing in a tiny cafe in the mission. Some friends invited me, and expected that i would know who deerhoof were. I didn't. We got there to late to actually get in, so we heard a few of their songs from out on the street were all the hipsters were making me feel self-concious by being cooler than i was.

I saw them again in 2004, this time at the 12 galaxies. I was mesmerized (alcohol may have been involved). It was three guys and this little japanese woman with a high voice. Their songs had bizarre structures, but bitchen guitar riffs. i picked up their then-new album milk man, and listened to it over and over.

The problem with deerhoof, and the thing that prevents me from being a huge fan of theirs, is that they are kinda annoying. Sometimes you are in the mood for their kookiness, and sometimes it just gives you a headache, ya know?

I just picked up The Runners Four at the library (hey, i'm broke. whaddya want me to do, shoplift?). It's good, but suffers from the same issue as reveille, milk man, adn no doubt their new disc: It's frigging out there. sometimes a good thing, sometimes a shart anvil at your temples.

still, i'm glad that they are around making interesting music, and i'm proud that SF can claim them, if only so i can tell my story of seeing them in a cafe and thus sound cooler than i really am.

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