Monday, February 12, 2007

the boss needs us but we don't need the boss

I haven't updated in a while: I've been busy writing submissions for a hip-hop website.

I did recently discover the Notus podcast at They play a lot of current big name stuff...mostly Nas, Jay-z, Lupe Fiasco, etc.

The highlight for me so far is Mos Def's Katrina Clap, a play on Juvinile's Noilin's clap, but all about the fuckt up response by the govment to katrina. "One dollar for every human being" raps the might mos. He's pissed. Incidently, I listened to "True Magic" at a listening station and damn if it isn't pretty decent. I don't know if it's decent enough for me to want to spend my hard earned money on, but still, not too shabby.

Finally, I listened to a podcast about bush's proposed budget, which is not a good idea for 8 in the morning. The fucker wants to cut 80 billion from medicare.

Billions have been wasted on graft and corruption in iraq, he's granted billions in tax breaks to the wealthy, and now he wants to cut funds to the sick and disabled? People like him make me hope that there is a hell so that they can suffer eternally.

Also, you can bet that after blowing bajillions on the fiasco that is iraq, he's going to fuck all of the maimed veterans out of benefits and medical care once they get back.


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