Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frankie Knuckles Vs. Animal Collective

I've been thinking about my top albums of the year so far, and one album that won't make the list is Animal Collectives Merriweather Post Pavillion. I really, really like the song "My Girls," but the more I've listened to that album these past months, the more I'm turned off by their Phishy, jammy, noodly vibe. Their live show is supposed to be amazing, but this rambling, messy, off-key version of "My Girls" fails to convince:

Guess you had to be there. And high off your gourd.

I read Last Night A DJ Saved My Life last week,
about the history of DJing, and they had a long chapter on Frankie Knuckles and the birth of house music. It got me to seek out Frankie's music, and I immediately recognized the opening synths from 1987's "Your Love" (shown here with an anime video. Whatevs).

I still love "My Girls," but Animal Collective definitely lifted those synths. Fucking dirty, stealing hippies. They should go take some shrooms and dick around some more on vintage synths. While wearing bucket caps. Fuckers.

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