Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DieNasty Review

I reviewed the DieNasty Records "Live Sick" compilation this week for RapReviews. I wasn't a fan of their sound, but you can check them out at their Myspace page and decide for yourself.

Street rap magazine Murder Dog loved them, giving them four nutts.

Their myspace page has pictures of them posing with girls in booty shorts, so that's a plus. (Actually Dirtball from the SubNoize crew. My mistake. I also apologize for the snarky comment about the girls. Anyone who is willing to walk around in high heels and booty shorts deserves respect. and not just from John Stagliano.)


Kalibur said...

Actually, the guy in that picture is Dirtball from SubNoize, not a member of DieNasty Records. Thanks for the review.

PST said...

My mistake.

I hope I was fair in my review.

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