Saturday, November 02, 2013


I've been on a Kiss kick lately. I got into them in college, at first because they were so silly, but then because they have some genuinely catchy songs. Stupid, but catchy. The band's early records owed a lot to the Rolling Stones and maybe a tiny bit to the New York Dolls, although Kiss had none of their edge. They did have some good moments, like "Parasite":

Or "Firehouse." 

The band were always shamelessly opportunistic and commercial. They went disco in the late seventies when that was cool (but I guess so did the Stones, so what are you gonna do). In the eighties, they found their brand of hard rock replaced by glam bands that they had inspired. Some of Kiss's most amazingly terrible music came out of the eighties in their bald-face attempt to ape trends. The result was a string of mediocre albums, and some terrifically shitty songs, like "Heaven's on Fire." 

It's basically an AC/DC song, only less meaty. And it has one of the best double entendres ever "Baby don't stop/Take it to the top/Eat it like a piece of cake." What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? I'm assuming he's talking about blow jobs, but the analogy doesn't work. 

Gene Simmons is a giant asshole, and I've never been into his schtick. Paul Stanley, on the other hand, is my hero. For one thing, he is so flaming in this video. So, so flaming. He has kids and has been married twice, so he's probably not gay, but you would never guess that from this video. Because he is prancing around in make up. And wearing chaps. And hanging out with a fat guy in leather pants and a perm. It bums me out that he isn't actually gay. That would be so much cooler than just being a straight sleaze bag who is kinda effeminate. 

Stanley also has some great stage banter I admire his energy and showmanship, although sometimes he sounds like your dad doing a "cool black guy" impression. 

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