Thursday, May 02, 2013

Homeboy Sandman, TeeFlii, and Ratchet R&B

I reviewed Homeboy Sandman's Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent EP this week for Rapreviews. It's a collaboration with producer EL RTNC that is a throwback to early hip-hop. I'm constantly on the fence about Homeboy Sandman: I like him in theory, but in practice I sometimes have issues with his delivery, but this EP is solid.

He did a video for "Peace and Love":

I also reviewed TeeFlii's AnnieRUO'Tay mixtape. It's a concept album about drinking, popping molly, and having sex with groupies in the VIP area. In other words, it has about as much to do with my life as "Game of Thrones," and yet I love it. It's totally ridiculous, but kind of amazing. Sort of like a younger, more ratchet R. Kelly.

Which got me listening to R. Kelly's 2007 album "Double Up," which is amazing. R. Kelly is sort of like Lonely Island or Flight of the Conchords, only serious and he can sing. The title track is a tasteless ode to threesomes with Snoop Dogg that is so awful I love it.

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