Sunday, January 31, 2010

Swift V Gaga

At the gym I go to, they are constantly playing Taylor Swift's "You Belong to Me" and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Both are young female singers who write their own music and are selling a gajillion copies. Gaga is slated to be the new Madonna, and Swift is the new, what, Faith Hill meets Kelly Clarkson meets Miley Cyrus? I want to like Lady Gaga more, because she has such a unique look going for her. The problem is that her music is essentially shitty Euro club music, the same crap that dudes with gelled hair and tight shirts have been rocking out to since Eiffel 65.

Swift on the other hand has this whole other schtick going for her. She's supposed to be the girl next door, and "You Belong to Me" is all about how a guy at high school doesn't realize how great she is, because she's a nerdy girl next door. "She's in the cheer squad and I'm on the bleachers," she pines. The problem with that is, have you seen Taylor Swift? She's not a girl next door, unless you live next door to a gorgeous alien.

I actually kind of like "You Belong To Me." Well, like is a strong word, but it's not god-awful. It's sweet, highly polished country pop. From a beautiful alien. Word.

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