Thursday, December 27, 2007

Homo Hop

Hip hop, with few exceptions, is a homophobic genre. "Faggot" is still an acceptable slur, and in a culture so obsessed with hyper-masculinity, the idea of showing weakness or not being a wretched pussyhound is totally unacceptable.

There is, however, a burgeoning gay hip hop scene. What follows is a list of some gay hip hop artists, mostly based on what was listed on

Just from glancing at his list, it seems like gay women are more likely to be rappers than gay men. Case in point - King Sincere ( who sounds like a guy. He does the kind of tough gangsta thing that her home city of NY mastered. The stuff on her myspace page is ok, but the recordings are rough and amateurish.

Untouchable - ( - is a brother/sister duo out of Ohio. They do slick booty anthems (ie CatNip), with a lesbian twist.

On the male side of things, there are rappers like Bone Intel ( who does smooth, horndog romantic tracks.

Captain Magik ( is from Cleveland, and has a homo hop anthem, Young Gay and Proud. I'm not into his exaggerated, Marshall Mathers type flow, but then again, that's what a lot of midwest artists sound like.

if you like your gays flaming, check out Sgt. Sass ( who is gay as fuck and proud of it. He's raunchy, flaming, and a lot of fun. They have a mixtape out - "Double S 4 Mayor" - which i'd love to check out. Kind of like peaches meets spankrock.

I checked out a handful of other artists, and while some of them were pretty lousy, most of them sounded just like your typical underground rapper, mimicking mainstream trends on shoestring budget, and offering up a decent alternative to mainstream rap. I don't know how accepting hip hop will ever be of homo hop, but it's nice to see that gay rappers are doing their own thing regardless.

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