Saturday, July 08, 2017

Half Time

Let's be honest: The world, or at least the U.S., is kind of a shitshow right about now. Politically, we are living the worst-case scenario of 10 years ago, and my new worst-case scenario is so fucking grim I don't even want to write it down. Suffice to say dystopian fiction is not appealing to me right now.

One thing that keeps me keeping on is music. There is so much amazing music coming out lately that I almost can't handle it. I definitely can't digest all of it. So here are some of my favorites (so far) of 2017:

Ison, Sevdaliza

Horizonless, Loss

Grey, Kweku Collins

Big Fish Theory, Vince Staples

Damn., Kendrick Lamar

Syd, Syd.

Ancestors, Volur

The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind, Lando Chill

Obsidian Arc, Pillorian

Nightmare Logic, Power Trip

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