Saturday, January 01, 2011

Best Hip Hop Albums of 2010 10-5

My best-of list is up at RapReviews.

Here they are in video form.

10. Guilty Simpson and Madlib, “O.J. Simpson.” Madlib’s beats are on point and Guilty proves that Dilla was right about him. Key track: “Coroner Music

9. Z-Man, “Show Up, Shut up, and Rap.” Bay Area label Machete Vox bring the goods, putting out hip hop the way it is meant to be. Key track: “Cupcakin’”

8. yU,“Before Taxes.” The Diamond District rapper released this for free in 2009 and for pay in 2010, proving that if your product is good, people will shell out for it. Key Track: “Corners

7. Von Pea, “Pea’s Gotta Have It.” This is a low-key album by my favorite low-key rapper. Key track: “Outro

6. Power Struggle “Remittances.” Led by MC Nomi, this is protest rap at its finest. Key track: “Artofficialfreedom”

5. Flying Lotus, “Cosmogramma.” Cosmic funk, equal parts hip hop, avant-garde jazz, dubstep, and alien music. Key track: “Zodiac Shit”

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