Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Purify Review

I reviewed Purify's Remixes Felt album this week at RapReviews. Purify is a Midwestern producer who does mellower, sample-based beats. Felt is a project with Murs and Slug. I was into it.

I have  a few more reviews I'm working on, but most likely will be on a hiatus for a bit, or at least posting sporadically. I'm going back to school, and working full time, which seems like a lot of work. Hopefully I'll still have time to do some reviews every couple weeks or so. How else am I going to get new music? All my record-buying money is going into books and school.

I've decided my study music for school this time around will be dub and jazz. I always need non-vocal study music. Last time around it was mostly ambient electronica and opera (which has words but still does the trick).

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