Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mac Truc and Reggae Gold Reviews

I have two reviews for RapReviews up now.  The first is Mac Truc's II Be Heard.
He's a rapper out of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virgina) who does grown man rap - jazz-influenced beats and rhymes with perspective. He reached out to me because I had reviewed TruBless's album a few years back. It's a solid album, worth a listen.

I also reviewed the Reggae Gold 2010 compilation. I'm still not totally sold on contemporary reggae, but there is some good stuff on the comp, including "As We Enter," with Nas and Damien Marley, that samples one of my favorite Ethiopian reggae songs.

Hey, hold these flashlights and look tough. Sweet, that's our video right dere.

I just got the new Roots, which is great, and the new Arcade Fire, which I haven't listened to. It seems good though.

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